A Brand & Business Consulting Firm

Cheetah Strategy provides “on-call” strategic thinking to growing companies to help turn their ideas into reality.

With careful analysis, methodical planning, and the creation of action plans, we will help your organization achieve its strategic goals. Built on a strong business and marketing foundation, Cheetah Strategy offers solutions with the internal and external customers in mind.

Why Cheetah

First, appreciate how a cheetah hunts her prey. She initially finds the proper vantage point, then observes the overall situation carefully. Next, she crafts her plan and slowly starts the approach. Finally, with confidence, she sprints toward her target and skillfully strikes.

Whether you need a strategic business plan & playbook, new brand strategy, marketing action plan, or revamped organizational structure, Cheetah Strategy can help. We provide a fresh outside perspective and spot-on analytical thinking. Through this work, we create symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients built on: collaboration, honesty, reliability, positivity, tenacity and timeliness.


Cheetah Strategy works with corporate businesses, non-profit entities, government agencies, and Tribal organizations to craft strategic business plans, brand strategies, and marketing plans. Call today to see how Cheetah Strategy can help your organization get to that next level.

Sharing her strategic insights in a variety of avenues, the Founder/President of Cheetah Strategy is featured regularly in Fast Company business magazine, co-leads the Start Bragging ABQ podcast, and co-hosts the “Be Positive, Not Perfect” segment on KKOB’s The Weekend

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Cheetah Strategy works with growing organizations to help turn ideas into reality, ensuring and supporting their evolution. Let’s discuss your ideas and how we can develop and implement steps that will accomplish these goals.