Cheetah Strategy specializes in providing corporate, non-profit, government, and Tribal organizations with the following customized consulting services:

Business Strategic Planning

Strategic Analysis & Planning

Business Strategy & Action Plans

Meeting Facilitation

Creative Problem Solving

This service is ideal for organizations needing assistance with aligning their people around common goals and strategic initiatives. Cheetah Strategy works to facilitate conversations among leadership teams and help them create meaningful and manageable action plans designed to improve their business. This work helps foster accountability, teamwork, and communication.

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Brand Audits & Brand Strategies

Marketing Plans & Playbooks

Go-To Market Strategies

Team Design & Dynamics

This service is designed for companies that need help crafting sound brand and marketing strategies and creating manageable implementation plans. Cheetah Strategy will provide a fresh perspective with the customers in mind to revitalize your brand and marketing messages, bring clarity to your team, and empower you to execute a successful integrated marketing program designed to build awareness and drive business.

Organizational Strategy

Organizational Chart Analysis

SWOTs & Competitive Reviews

Presentation Preparation

Evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This service is perfect for organizations that need a little extra brainpower and or impartial viewpoint to help find stability and move the business forward. Cheetah Strategy utilizes broad experience, analysis of existing information, research tools, and other relevant data to provide insights that help companies get organized and focused.

Strategic Planning Process

The stages of our strategic planning approach are similar to how a cheetah hunts:

Pricing Overview

Cheetah Strategy understands that investing in developing the proper strategic direction for your business or brand is important. We also know that budget ranges and strategic planning needs vary by client. This is why we are flexible in how we structure our agreements to meet your organization’s custom needs, and offer three different pricing options for our consultative work:

When your organization desires extra “on-call” strategic brainpower on a regular basis, a set monthly retainer is the best option. Within this structure, Cheetah Strategy creates a long-term relationship with clients and assists organization owners and leaders with a variety of strategic needs. This pricing structure is customized to each business, and offers peace of mind because the monthly price is pre-determined. Also, this option offers consulting services that are available on-demand and can be adapted to your organization’s evolving needs.

A project-based pricing structure is Cheetah Strategy’s most popular fee arrangement. Under this scenario, we work with your organization to develop a customized scope of work for the project that outlines our specific services, deliverables, timeline, and price. Once we agree on the scope of work, we get to work and start collaborating to craft the right strategy and corresponding action plan for your brand or business.

If your organization needs more immediate access to strategic planning or training, Cheetah Strategy also conducts half-day or full-day working sessions with organizational leaders. These facilitated, highly-interactive sessions allow for a speedier turnaround time and help organizations quickly build the foundation for the strategic direction they need for their brand or business.