Thank you, Jemez Pueblo HHS!

Cheetah Strategy facilitated two-days of strategic planning meetings with the management team of Jemez Health & Human Services’ community programs. We helped reach clarity in their Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, and Action Items following a disruptive year caused by Covid-19. It feels great to help people and organizations like these find their way again!

Strategic Planning for the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

What a fun and energetic experience facilitating a Strategic Planning session with the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber! Cheetah Strategy is helping them find clarity and consistency in their organizational principles and developing a list of goal-oriented action items for this year. Also designing a template for creating solid strategic plans and playbooks well into the future.

New Client for Cheetah Strategy – Public Health of Jemez Pueblo

Cheetah Strategy enjoyed spending time with the wonderful folks from the Public Health Office at the Pueblo of Jemez to lead them through a two-day strategic planning session. They do so much for their community. It was a honor to help them find some clarity in all that they offer.